Tuesday, March 3, 2009

come on over...

it's here...change your readers, bookmarks, and come on over!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have been laying low over here working on my new blog!!! I'm so very excited for something new and fresh! i've decided to start doing sessions again...the move and law school kind a took a swing on things there for a bit!  Even though I don't have my mother- in-law down the street or my hubby to help out  with the kids really, it seems that it will all be o.k. :) So stay tuned for the new blog!!! 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

he's 2

He will be 3 in June....and I'm wondering if this "stage" will end. The whining, crying, throwing fits, etc...
His vocabulary:
no, mine, I want candy
My sweet little dylan, has definitely entered into this awful stage which I'm hoping won't spill over into the 3's!! He can still turn his sweetness on, but when it's not...you better steer clear of this little tank. It's almost amusing as you see him trying to back talk while lowering his voice 10 octaves and do what only I know to describe as the "twitch tail." I know our moms always say, " Cherish every day and each moment when they're little. "

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

kids say the darndest things

This week has been full of laughs from my oldest...luke. He has caught me off guard by saying some of the darndest things that I didn't even know he knew. Here are a few

We went to the park the other day, and here's how a short convo went after I was ready to leave

me: hey you guys, how about we go back to the house and jump on the trampoline!
luke: (with a confused look on his face) or not.
I just started laughing.
me: what did you just say?!
luke: not?
It was like he was sure he didn't want to go back to the house, but did he get the right lingo down?!

another "word" that I have noticed him say..... LIKE

I never thought I would here my son say a sentence and use "like" 3 times. This to me means that
A~ I talk to loud on the phone to my girlfriends OR
B~ I need to learn how to describe things without using this word. pretty much impossible.

And today, after mark took the boys to the park while I cooked dinner (seriously, I have the best husband) luke comes home and says: mom, we threw rocks in the pond and it was AMAZING!

Now, I have to say that I realize kids are smart, I just didn't know they could pick up on things that I never knew they heard! Well, they hear it, I just wasn't realizing it!! Luke just caught me off guard this week because he usually doesn't say too much, unless he's bossing dylan around.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

little miss yellow

It was SO windy this afternoon! I've been trying to take alot of pics of my kiddos to put up in my office, so here was miss a. She about flew away! or atleast her piggies did. I think she may be FINALLY teething. When they start chewing on their own skin, I start to wonder....

first video diary

o.k, this is hilarious! Mark found out that he had a camera on his laptop. He then proceeded to make some pretty funny video diaries. I thought this one was blog worthy since he added some "special effects!!!" Tell me what you think! Maybe he should drop law school and go into making movie effects!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

yep, It's official

I jumped on the facebook boat. Because chasing after 3 kids all day, having a photography buisness, a husband in law school, and a blog...isn't enough.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I don't want to live without reason

It's monday night. all the kids are tucked away and I head to my computer to finish editing a wedding I did a couple weeks ago. I turn on my playlist that I've been wearing out this past week. The Fray, Aqualung, O.A.R., etc... I read an email from my brother on a mission and I catch up on my google reader to see who's blogged lately. I just start crying. Music tends to get the best of my emotions, and always has. I first get choked up thinking of my brother...thinking how unbelievably hard it must be to serve the Lord on a mission. The courage and dedication it takes. Missionaries amaze me. I then start to read sheye rosemeyers blog. Tears start to flow and my face is burried in my hands. She lists 50 things she loves about her daughter that died a couple years ago. I sit and think how it would be to lose one of my own. I cannot even imagine it. The day to day battles that I complain about lately are just empty nothings. My boys fighting or forgetting to flush the potty....working too much and not spending the quality time with my kids that I should. A song called "without reason," has helped me realize that sometimes I just need to stop what I'm doing and tell my kids how much I love them, call my parents and tell them how much they mean to me, tell my husband how amazing he is. Call my friends and remind them what they mean to me in my life. The little things.....they matter so much. I'm so thankful to have healthy kids who may not pick up their toys today and drive me crazy sometimes, but they are my crazy little miracles. It's the time to start doing and stop repeating. Here is a picture of avery I took yesterday....It was a beautiful warm day among all of the chilly ones we've had lately. The days have flown by so fast. I don't want to live "without reason." Give your loved ones a call, or a hug. tell them you love them:) happy february.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

please mom,

no more pictures....today. I know you got your new lens and everything, but I'm tired!

this is what avery would have said today if she could talk.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the weekend

the weekend was a blast....a much needed cabin getaway without the kiddos. After the hardest semester of our lives, we were able to call both grandma's and arrange to get away for a nice drive, and listen to music, instead of a kids movie. This was our third year that we have been on a cabin getaway. It's a nice birthday present every year, but it's also nice to gather my thoughts and goals and really START OVER the new year. Mark and I have so much fun together. we both bring something we can't live without for two days. a camera, and a guitar.

mark acting goofy, while I am.....doing the same. It was THE PERFECT day for pictures. I didn't do any editing on any of these!

On the way to a restaurant...crossing the street. I almost got ran over. I didn't look behind me and before I knew it, a loud honk ran me off to the sidewalk!

our cute cabin. The place we rent from has like 5 different cabins. We try a new one out every year. They all have hot tubs on a covered porch in the back. the scenery is so beautiful. we slept in until 11.

Something I love to do while on these getaways is to try new things with my camera. This was taken while a train was going by. I tried to capture the lights of the train on the front...and the motion of it going by so fast.

On the way to see "the curious case of benjamin button," we saw this oil rig. It was so dark, and I tried to catch all of the ambient light I could. It really looked amazing.

what does a photographer do on a vacation with no kids to capture? she makes her husband do it.

we were greeted by this beautiful dog every morning outside our cabin. It's the owners dog. We named him Marley. I haven't even seen that movie yet by the way.

a portrait thanks to my tripod.

I got a new TOY... a lens. I've only taken a couple pictures with it and here's how it came out. straight out of the camera. (SOOC) I am STOCKED to say the least. I just used a little lamp, no flash, and it came out pretty darn sharp for having a low shutter speed.....of like 5! (photo lingo) I'm so excited. maybe I'll sell my other sweet lens....